Master Li at Tao Garden 03 January – 16 January, 2021

48 movements form Tai-Chi and Phoenix Mountain Longevity QiGong

Over two weeks this workshop covers the 48 movements
Tai-Chi form, as well as exploring a deeper understanding of QiGong exercises associated with the Dragon Gate lineage. The 48 movements form includes the most essential movements of four different traditional styles of Yang, Wu, Sun and Zhaobau Tai-Chi. Learning the movements in four directions develops coordination and cohesion of both sides of the brain. This workshop is suitable for beginner or more advanced practitioners and will focus on the internal practices and inner feeling being generated in the movements.

Phoenix Mountain Longevity QiGong focuses on developing interconnectedness of mind and body, and harnessing subtle wisdom through the cultivation of Qi through dynamic movement. These practices will help you to better understand the meridian and fascia systems in the body as well as the healing benefits of the ancient practices. Lessons also incorporate readings and group discussion of Taoist scriptures from LaoZi, ZhaungZi, and HuangDi. Limited places are available for this event so early booking is advised.

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Taoist Master Li Hechun – 2021 Workshop

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